06 October 2009

Transgender Changes 1 & 2


  1. Thats Kalki! as beautiful as ever!

    Malika, I would like to write to you about my research. Can I?

    Joy always,

  2. Hie Malika,

    i wanted to talk through the fonctin "contact" but it doesn't work.

    My name is Anne-Gaëlle Rico. I am a french journalist settled in Mumbai for 2 years.

    I am working on a documentary about "Hijras", I would like to know if we can meet ta talk.

    Thank you very much,

    Best regards,

    Anne-Gaëlle Rico

  3. Malika..dear friend,i hope everythings is ok with your life,i confess my thought often fly to you,and i ask myself:were and what malika is doing now?..i sow in the first day of october your enigmatic post:transgender 1-2..what is the meaning?now i would like to have an interaction,writing outside our blogs,if for you is a good idea,please let me known..what else?here in italy,a big scandal is bloxed:the governator of lazio-thet is the region of roma,was engaged in a vidèofilm,were is naked in company of a trans and on table some cocaine,complot?politica revenge?we are at the begining,gov.marrazzo dimetted,and is in a hide..the only positive question is that now the highlights are on the trans reality,and italian people is talking around us.for first time out of the dark,that all..so,my dear,let me have your news please,an email were i can write to you..have good things.good life and kisses..your sincerely jackie-trans.splinder.com--extrans@hotmail.it

  4. @ Susan
    Ofcourse please tell me about your research

    @ Anne-Gaëlle
    I have written to you on your email

  5. Dear malika.i want be the first to make the best wishes to you for a happy 2010,since i meet you-in your virtual space-i was glad to interact with you..and your blog is the first in my blogroll..now i would like to write to you out the blogosphere,originally i had my mail account on imode browser that is now falled,than i try with the account i wrote you the message before,but it does not work,cause probably you dont know,i use a simply cellular phone,with a java appl.like now for istance!yes 3years of blogging all write with t9!now i try to have back my libero.it account,meanwhile,can you came to visit me at my address as you know,as you did the first time..so have my best reguards malika,my beautiful and clever friend ha.ppy new year and special kisses from roma,truly yours jackie-trans.splinder.com;) ps:i beg your pardon for my terrible english..

  6. I myself love to be feminine and need all the support to come out.

  7. Hi Malika,
    I am an admirer of you. I want to interact with you. Is there any scope ?
    If i send you a message to your mail id you have given, will you respond ?
    regards and best wishes.

  8. hey i m from pakistan.I m a male inside female body.i want to know can i came india for SRS? WAT WILL BE THE EXPENCES AND WAT WILL B THE PROCEDURE? tell me one more thing that i am a graduate on the female name,wat will happen to my educational documents after after SRS? THANKS.I AM WAITING 4 UR REPLY.

  9. hi mallika...i'm bisexual man frm mumbai...wanted to kno how i can meet transexuals here. Is there dating service. I hav met 2 seperately when coming frm office but rest only want to take lots of cash. How do i meet some nice beautiful transexuls? Please suggest..


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