30 April 2012

21-year-old wants sex change surgery, asks HC to restrain scandalised parents

MUMBAI: Bidhan Barua is on the verge of realising his identity - he wants to become a woman. All it requires is a surgery that will free the woman he believes is trapped in his body for 21 years now.
But before that happens and before Bidhan can marry the man of his dreams, an Indian Air Force flight lieutenant, he must face off his parents, who are bitterly opposed to his decision to alter his sex - at the Bombay high court. more...

06 April 2012

Pretty woman

She is all set to enchant the silver screen from tomorrow. Curiosity factor is high as actor Dileep steps out as Mohini, a modern-day enchantress, in ‘Mayamohini,' directed by Jose Thomas.
It is, after all, the first time in Malayalam cinema that a hero is playing, well, the heroine.
“I am the heroine; I do whatever a heroine is expected to do,” says Dileep, adding that the role of Mohini has been the “most challenging one yet” in his career thus far. But, then again, he is known for playing unconventional characters in films such as ‘Chandupottu,' ‘Kunjikkoonan,' and ‘Thilakkam.'