28 March 2010

Manipur's first gay marriage ends in 'divorce' (forced)

Sandip Soibam (left) and Nikhil Hidangmayum exchange rings during the first ever public gay marriage at an auditorium at Chingamakha in Imphal West District on Thursday.

Imphal: The first-ever same-sex marriage in Manipur between two men in their 20s ended in a 'divorce' two days into their wedding following stiff opposition from their families.
Sandip, the 25-year-old 'groom', and Nikhil, the 28-year-old 'bride', who exchanged marriage vows on Thursday in the presence of a modest gathering at a community hall here, decided to end their marriage late Saturday.
Their families on Saturday filed a complaint with the local police station at Singjamei, seeking help to end the marriage.
"A police official called Sandip and Nikhil to the police station and counselled them for about two hours. The two men agreed to split and call off their marriage," a family member of Sandip told IANS.
The families were opposed to the marriage after the couple decided to enter into wedlock after a six-year relationship. They maintained it would be a scar on the families as gay marriage is still a taboo in society.
"We were deeply hurt and objected to the marriage. With no options left, we approached the police. They helped us not by force, but by reasoning and convinced the duo to change their mind and split," another family member of Nikhil said requesting not to be named.
The couple were staying together after their wedding at the beauty parlour run by Nikhil.
They exchanged bouquets and rings to wed. Sandip wore a black suit for the ceremony, while Nikhil was dressed in a white gown.
Soon after the wedding on Thursday, Sandip said: "I am blessed to have Nikhil as my wife. We are indeed happy."


  1. SO Beautiful marriage couple and very good explain about them i like it.

  2. I found this blog after a random google search of the name "Malika", finding interest in the name Nikhil (he's a homophobic friend of mine) ,so I initially laughed at the irony but after reading that...that's..horrible.

    I'm a rabid gay rights supporter, and though my knowledge of Indian culture and value is rather shallow, I can understand why this happened.

    It still saddened me, I hope they are able to remain together even if marriage is not an option :(

    Thank you for sharing this, it gives me a new cultural perspective of how the apparent social acceptance towards anything differing from straight cut heterosexual relationships really isn't being exhibited...it's a shame that there is a chance it may never.

    You have a beautiful name by the way! (I'm a fan girl, can't help it hahaha) and your work on this blog is inspiring, i will definitely be coming back.

    All the best,

  3. My dear friend..hope everythings is all right with you;)..i read about the transgender beauthy contest and the election of miss india,than immediatly my thought flyies to you!^^..so in the waiting of your reflections about it,wich real meanings that show had,i send-virtually-you my hearty friendship..good wishes my dear malika,kisses,truly yours jackie-that never forget her clever,beautifull and sweet indian friend;)

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  5. Its sad but they will always be india's number 1. I hope they will be happy together without getting married for a while and try to get married after some years.

  6. Is it possible to see more of their wedding photos? Thanks

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