15 December 2011

Male model fronts campaign for push-up bras

source: yahoo news

While most lingerie brands would usually pick a buxom lady to model their latest underwear collections, Dutch department store Hema have opted for a more unconventional choice. 
Male model Andrej Pejic fronts the campaign for the ‘Mega Push-Up Bra’ from Hema that promises to ‘add two cup sizes’.
The company’s decision to have a man front the campaign appears to have paid off - as his natural cleavage-free physique is visibly enhanced by their ‘boosting’ bra.

13 December 2011

Nepal Set to Recognize Third Gender

in NEPAL, 09/12/2011 source: ILGA: The Word on Women
Following the signing of a major peace agreement, key political parties in Nepal are scheduled to conclude a constitutional reform process this month. The complicated drafting process and years of preceding negotiations have finally enabled longtime enemy factions, including Maoists, to come to the table together.

Now, the hard-won gains can serve as a regional and global model for inclusiveness.

In an unprecedented move, Nepal is set to recognize third gender individuals.

12 December 2011

Transgender Reality TV Show in Bangladesh

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The first reality show for transgender people is to be launched by a Bangladesh TV channel in an effort to break down widespread suspicion of the country's "hijra" community.

The ATN Bangla show, "Amra Tomadery" (We are for you), is now accepting applications to be one of around 40 contestants who will showcase their dancing and acting skills to win audience votes.

09 December 2011

Great Make-Up tips for Indians - by Uma Preve

Wow! i found this great Indian make-up blog by the gorgeous GG Uma Preve - http://www.umapreve.com/
This this tutorial for Modern Indian dinner party makeup. Simply gorgeous. I am going to try this out. But I am sure I wont look as pretty as her.LOL!