06 December 2005

Anita, the discriminating Crossdresser

My response to the comment to my post 'Who Am I?' (below)

ANITA wrote:
"I have been to your website earlier.. I thought that you are eunuch but was not aware of you being homo. I have seen your photograph in near and dear of Miss Supriya. Being a m2f hetero CD, I will be afraid to meet homo cd but have you ever met Miss Supriya... she being hetero... how was her reaction and how did u control urself..."

Dear Anita... Yes, I did meet Surpriya, a 'm2f hetero CD', but I did manage to control my 'animal' 'homo'. tendencies. I did not pounce upon her like I do normally in my day to day life. I normally pounce upon every man that I meet, the bus driver, the cigarettewala, the shopkeeper, even my best friends. I am a sick perverted 'homo'.. People like me should be banished to a concentration camp, exterminated so that 'sane'. people like you can live in safety. You who is 'normal'., with heterosexual tendencies'. But think for a minute my dear friend!
You call yourself ANITA? You dress or dream of dressing up in clothes of the opposite sex? You masturbate looking at photos of Transsexuals, transvestites and crossdressers? So you are 'normal.' because you are a 'male to female heterosexual crossdresser'.
Labels, that what I was talking about Madam. Labels that the world needs to put people in boxes and nomenclatura, so that they can tell themselves that they are 'normal.' Are you trying to do that?
If they see you in the street dressed in your pretty Saree, with your make-up, they will yell out to you the same words: FAGGOT! QUEEN! EUNNUCH! HOMO!

Think again Miss Anita!


  1. Whatever term you coin for it, that does not make much difference.
    I can understand that someone wish to be a women & therefor behave & act like one. Its very personal decision.
    The thing at which I have objection is sex change. You are going against nature in changing you sex. Your feeling of being a women is 'your' mental problem & natur cant be blamed for that. Therefor you shouldn't say nature made me so. It environment around you which makes you so.
    Please spare Nature,though it sounds very nice excuse.

  2. @abhijeet. ugh, reading about biological essentialism arguments always leaves a dirty taste in my mouth.

    Let's get something straight here: just because it's in nature doesn't make it good or bad.

    Furthermore, the gender binary is purely a social construct. Judging by your name, you are male and identify as a man - would it be fair for me to say it was your decision to be a man?

    That sounds silly, doesn't it? The gender construct you happen to identify with didn't have much of your input did it?

    In that same way, someone who is TS does not choose to make a personal decision - they are transgendered, just as you are cis-gendered. Look it up if you don't understand it.

    Don't object to sex change if you have no idea what it is about. Feeling like a woman while male is not a mental problem at all; it is offensive and bigoted of you to suggest otherwise, but perhaps you are simply ignorant; any medical doctor will tell you exactly what I am saying.

    Why don't you go educate yourself, Abhijeet? You are opposed to sex change because you believe in biological essentialsm, a common fallacious argument in debate and logic- the presupposed notion that nature is good or right when in fact nature is neither. You are also opposed to sex change because you are afraid of what it could mean. You have not thought about gender constructs in society nor have you thought about what it means to be a man or woman.

    You are opposed to it because it challenges status quo norms of male and female, of man and woman, and you have no idea how to reconcile that.

    Go educate yourself.

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