05 January 2006

2006 what now???

So another year gone bye. So what now? So who's going to get killed now? Which country? Which people? Whose children will now be orphaned? Who will die of hunger? Who will be crippled by phosphorous bombs? Who will loose their homes? Who will be raped? Who will be assasinated? Who will we hate? Who?

Why can't we just ban the bombs and the arms? Why don't we disband the military? Why don't we love one another? Is it so difficult to love?

Why can't we just live in Peace?

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  1. There are few things that will take a long time to change! One of them is War & Hatred! The prime reason, there are not many of them (I would say majority) that opposes War or Hatred..

    America has two more states added since 2001. the new states are AG & IQ. Now they are trying to add one more - IR.


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