07 April 2006

Girl Talk - part 1

It has been a long time since I met my ex-wife. My cross-dressing had finally killed our marriage. After years of trying to understand and explain why I liked to dress up as a woman she had decided to leave. I had been a painful separation but she was right I guess.

“I want to be with a man” she said “not with a woman”.

I don't know if that had hurt me or had I felt an empathy for her. I understand what she felt.

But that was a long time ago.

“Hi! How are you?”

“Fine” I said, a little surprised hearing her voice.

“And you?”

“Fine, fine! It's been a long time... Shall we meet?”

I thought for a while, was I ready to meet her?

“Sure” I said without thinking.

“Do you want to go shopping with me, tomorrow?

There’s a sale on at Mango, we could get some lunch after that”

I want to know all about you"

I agreed.

I was scared.

I had a lot of mixed feelings.

Did I want to do this?

Should I go dressed as Malika or should I just go in ‘the drab’?

I didn’t sleep very well that night but the next morning I woke up feeling nice. I had to go through this.

I had a shower and went to the salon. I got my hair blow dried, I got my nails painted.

The girls in the salon were always very nice. Some of the clients smiled, said hello, some looked away or looked shocked. The salon girls always made me feel at home. I told Sheila that I was going to meet my ex. She smiled and held my hand and pressed it tight. She said nothing but I felt that she had transferred her strenght to me. This is something I had never felt with my male friends... this was how women were with each other, a sort of silent sorority, a humaness so absent in the male world.

I came back to my flat and looked at my wardrobe. I tried many of my outfits. Skirt? Dress? Jeans? Dressy? Casual?

It had to be right.

I finally choose a flared beige flowery chiffon skirt, , brown sleeve-less top, my knee high boots. I did my make-up, light and simple. Just a little blush-on, some black eyeliner and caramel lipstick.

Little dangling earings with garnets, a thin chain with a garnet pendant.

I looked at myself in mirror. I liked what I saw. I put on my coat, tied a silk scarf round my neck and picked up my brown leather purse. I slung it up over my shoulder.

Dabbed Kenzo flower, behind my ears, on my wrists, a little here and there.

My heart skipped a beat… I wanted to call her up and say that I had changed my mind…

Then things moved fast... the bus... the walk...

I waited for her outside the shop… There was a huge crowd of women. Some of them looked at me, some smiled nicely, knowingly, others giggled. I always wondered what went on in their minds when they saw me.

Then I saw her coming. She had a huge smile on her face.

“ Hello, Madam!” she said.

We hugged. Then she moved away to look at me.

It seemed like eternity.

She smiled "Wow! You look very cute".

She took my hand in hers and led me inside the shop

"Come on, girl ! Lets have fun" She winked

to be continued...

Part 2(new) & 1 available on my new blog One from the heart

painting "F e m m e d é c o r é e"

Oil on Stretched Canvas 33 X 61 CM 12.9 X 23.8"

by Vladimir Bourrec


  1. Hey malika waiting for part -2 - Silky

  2. Hi Malika!!!

    I am quite happy you found the courage to go. And that she accepted you! YAY!

    Please do not wait long to post the next installment.


  3. I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.

  4. Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.


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