02 August 2010

Kusum - The Flower Bud

Kusum - The Flower Bud : Director: Shumona Banerjee | Genre: Drama | Produced In: 2010

Synopsis: Can hope be found in the most unusual places amongst the most unlikely characters? A young transvestite prostitute, Kusum, locked up in her room, gears up for a regular night like any other. But just then enters Purab, an out-of-a-job English literature teacher suffering from Tourette's syndrome and obsessive-compulsive behaviour, without a clue of the local language. He spent his meager savings to spend one night with a girl, and finds himself stuck with a boy! On the other hand, Kusum is at a loss with this man who seems to her a "freak" madly going about cleaning her room while throwing things at her in the middle of the night and insisting on blabbering in English! Both can’t understand what the other is saying. But as the night proceeds, insecurities, appearances and prejudices slowly give way, but just a little. Will these two people, alike as desperate misfits but otherwise so different, manage to find a connection? Perhaps like a flower bud bursting through a crack in the wall, an unexpected beginning will see them through....


  1. hi mallika, im shumona, i wrote and directed "kusum". i landed on your page by accident and really loved your blog,needless to say i intend to follow it more often. thank you very much for sharing our film with others and i wd very much want to know what you think of it. your encouragement and criticism will only help me grow.
    lots of love,

  2. Hi Malika- your blog is very good. It's nice to see how things are going in India.

    I'd like it very much if you could take a look at my blog. It's entitled emilysvirtualrocket.blogspot.com. It's a virtual compendium of articles from newspapers / newsweeklies / magazines, etc. , with a strong bent to covering the trannsexual world. If you like it, please put it in the list of blogs on the right. Thanks.


  3. I would like to share one more similar film Mavin Khoo

    A story of ritual, sex, sexuality and relationships, through the life and work of one of the UK’s most exciting dancers (London Evening Standard).


    “The charismatic Khoo”: Taipei Times, Taiwan

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