08 May 2011

Measurements for a Saree Blouse/Choli!

Here's how you can take measurements for stitching your saree blouses and cholis. Take them to a tailor and get them stitched.


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  2. Every bride want look beautiful in this special day of her life. So She wear choli saree in your wedding. choli saree make different look from others. you can Buy choli sarees online from any store.

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  4. Good video here that can make your choice and measurement for this outfit better as well. Nice looking lehenga choli kind of saree apparel is at here.

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  5. Well this the super idea to mesure blouse to it fit in all the ways .thanks..

  6. Liked to watch this video on how to take measurements of saree blouse. I recently bought 5 gorgeous Bridal Sarees For Wedding for myslef and was looking to get my all blouse stitched but due to confusion could not do it. Now its clear. Thanks a lot.


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