20 July 2012

Moved to facebook

Hi everyone,
This blog has moved to a Facebook page - Please visit  http://www.facebook.com/IndianTgBlog
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  1. Mallika please allow me to tell you that you are very much beautiful. I am really a fan of transgender community.I do want to say everthing is there in my heart about transgender community. I really love to be an husband of any of your community.I want to be honest with u that i am a married man and have a two children too, but to marry a transgender person was my personal feeling from childhood.Because i didn't know but i do have a feeling that this community that much love,affection and care that not a real women can give. I must say that u r very much beautiful. please reply me at avinash.sdpl@gmail.com.

  2. hi mallika,i really want to say that you are very much beautiful.Today i got a chance to speak about my feeling about transgenders.Before that i would like to inform you that i m a married person with 2 children. But i do have a feeling for transgenders and want to marry a transgender and to give her my love affection and caring to her. As i know that transgenders love ,affection and caring is much more than any women on the earth. But i didn't know any one by accept my feeling or not. By the way my mail i.d is avinash.sdpl@gmail.com,

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  6. See you there. I always loved checking out your updates.


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