07 December 2005

Five steps to drape a saree.

Here is a step by step how to drape a saree:

Step 1: First of all put on a saree-petticoat and tie it confortably tight around the waist or just 3-4 inches below (for hipster look)

Then take inner end of the saree and starting from left side three-fourths accross the front-waist tuck the upper edge into the petticoat. See that the lower edge of the saree is levelled with the ground (don’t forget to wear your shoes or sandles with heels preferably.)
Step 2: Now take the loose end of the saree around the back & tuck smoothly into the petticoat.

Step 3: Bring the saree forward from the right hand side and fold into pleats (7 to 10) the last one little broader than the rest and pulled up slightly (this gives a neat smooth look) and tuck them neatly and flat into the petticoat. Again the lower end of the saree should be levelled with the ground.

How much to leave for the pallu (the cascading end at the back) depends on the length that suits you best. Pull the over drape to tighteen around the hips and waist, take it up and place over your left shoulder in neat folds.

step 5:And there you are elegantly drapped in saree!

I love sarees and I think thet they really bring out the woman in you.

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