13 December 2005

What Does Transgendered Mean?

Ardhanareshwara-Painting by Anjolie Ela Menon--------------------->

A lot of people ask me what Transgender means so I think it's important to understand that.
A Transgendered (TG) person is someone whose gender identity (man or woman) does not match their biological sex (male or female). For most people, there is no incongruity between their biological sex and their internal gender identification. For TG people, their gender identity is in conflict with their biological sex.

Yes! The term Transgendered (TG) is an umbrella term used for many kinds of people with differing gender expression:

* Transgendered- The TG term is also used for someone who feels more comfortable as the other gender. TG individuals live part or full-time as the other gender.

* Transsexual- Seeks to permanently change body to match her or his personal gender definition through gender reassignment surgery (GRS). "Non-op" refers to a person who has all the hormonal/surgical treatment except the GRS because s/he has no desire to proceed with the surgery, or cannot financially afford it.

* Hijra or Eunuch (India)- Hijras include people born with a male body, but with a non-male or female gender identity; individuals born with ambiguous genitalia (intersex or hermaphrodites); and individuals who have had castration/genital reassignment surgery performed on them, sometimes without their consent.

* Transvestite or Cross-dresser- Wears clothing of a gender opposite their birth sex for emotional or sexual purposes.

* Two Spirited- Having both female and male spirits (Native American culture). Often viewed with respect because they were able to hold both gender spirits in their bodies.

* Intersexed or Hermaphrodite- Rare medical condition where babies are born with both male and female sexual organs. Sex is assigned at birth.

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  1. Love the picture!!!

    By your definitions though I fall somewhere between CD and TG... What about those of us who enjoy both personas?


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